Make it more clear that Installation Mode applies to a single parent process

Please make it more clear that a given Installation Mode applies to a single specific parent process.

The GUI currently makes it seem that Installation Mode is some sort of global setting for anything that might run, which seems dangerous.

I think it would help to put the name of the parent process on display messages; e.g., “Switch to Installation Mode for Foobar?” and “Installation Mode is still active for Foobar. Reverting to Standard Mode in … seconds.”

It would also help to have More Info to explain how Installation Mode differs from just defining an application as an Installer.

I think it might also be a good idea to warn users against running more than one installation at a time.

Thanks for listening and for CIS!

I would like to offer to rename
“Installation Mode” / “Switch to Previous Mode” to
“Temporary Trusted Application: (Anapp.exe)” / “Cancel Treating Anapp.exe as Temporary Trusted Application”

It’s not just that application – it’s that application and all child processes it creates.


+1 to myuser. The application listed as installer/updater (and all child applications) should be considered as one installation process.

This feature is being discussed for the new GUI. It’s a good idea. We’ll definitely see an improvement in the “Installation Mode” toggling in the new GUI. :wink:

Great – thanks!


I’m always supporting for more clarity :-TU

Em, I just want to know: is this info on the public forum, or a private board?

I DEFINITELY AGREE WITH THIS!!! in fact why does it even have to tell you. shouldn’t it be able to tell when an app is done loading and automatically revert back. online armor does it no problem. it’s a nuisance as it is.

because all installers are different (e.g. they start the actual application when done updating, start child processes, or stay running after updating.) it’s more complicated than it seems when trying to manage usability with the best possible security.

the thing is is that cis knows when your starting an install because you tell it. there is a progression to an install. i know what your saying about child processes and stuff, but it is one straight progression when you install an app. plus there is almost always a reboot that follows. couldn’t cis at least know to stop install mode after a reboot. sometimes it pops up a half an hour after the reboot. if i need it again i will tell it i need it by clicking again

Different installs progress differently.

It can be difficult to distinguish between a child install process and a process that’s being launched for the installed application.

Some installs may take more than one reboot, as when uninstalling an old version first.

The trick is to make it foolproof.


And there are also tons that don’t need a reboot. I can name some off the top of my head that get program updates regulary…Superantispyware, malwarebytes, firefox (just the browser itself needs restart) etc., etc.

And sometimes an installer/updater needs to continue its process after a reboot and if install mode if disabled…

Basically, a universal and convenient solution still needs to be thought of.

online armor seems to have done it nicely

I wouldn’t know, I’ve never used OA, but I bet COMODO knows how theirs works and are going to come up with a better solution. :slight_smile:

that would be a good thing!