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Dragon keeps crashing even after closing all extensions and plug-ins. This started recently after having used Dragon for over six months without a problem. This computer is only used for internet and has only an ATI Radeon 9200 vid card, no other cards in it.

XP Home Edition SP2 all updates were installed automatically.

P4 2.6gz, 2gb RAM, (yes, I have swapped and tested the RAM in another machine) Intel PERL 865 MB.

No new software or hardware in the box.

No settings changed other than removing all extensions and plug-ins for testing.

In settings, box says, “cannot check for updates”, even though updates are set to auto. I set to manual but crashes continued.

No rhyme nor reason for crashes. They happen sometimes on startup, while surfing, while idle on a page,
or in the middle of watching a video or listening to music.

Thanks in advance. Larry

Hi lmac,
This could be possibly and only maybe possibly some form of corruption in your Dragon user profile.
I would consider a trying a new user profile.
Please back-up preferences, bookmarks etc.
To create a new user profile in Comodo Dragon
Edit: Corrected spelling.