Make exceptions for Proactive defence

I have programming as a hobby, resulting in a workspace directory with hundreds of dll’s and .exe files. These files change all the time.

I have Defence+ set to “Clean PC Mode” and currently 495 files waiting for approval.

Is there any way I can make an exception for my entire workspace directory so I don’t need to approve each and every executable file located there ?


Go to ‘My Pending Files’, then tick the files you want consider as safe and then click ‘Move to’ → ‘My own safe files’.

Hope that helped


don’t think so :frowning: Everytime I rebuild my projrcts i can have up to 100 modified files needing clearance in defence+

Hey oskaremil.

Switch Defense to Safe Mode via Defense+>Advanced>Defense+ Settings This will get rid of pending files. Since you are a programmer, You can try more advanced stuff like adding “My Own Safe Files” in Defense+ to reduce alerts.