Make Comodo more user friendly

I’ve been watching Comodo’s redesigned site. It has better aesthetics but it’s still confusing.
On clicking home office/internet security we are presented with the paid version only. Many users will leave the site right there.
If they browse on and click “all free products” there’s a list where the FW and AV come listed seperatly. But on choosing one of them they find out they’re bundled in a suite. It should be shown at the begining.
For those who click download and install the product there’s a surprise: a module they were not told about called Defense+. Now, sincerely, what would a newbie do when faced with the popups of Defense+? A considerable number will just unninstall and forget about it. Most people never heard of a HIPS, let alone know how to work with it.
Comodo needs to make the presentation of their products more intuitive and to explain about Defense+ before the download. A link to a page with a tutorial would be a good idea.

I agree with you josedase, I think that a good thing to add would be something similiar to;

Comodo Internet security Includes; Firewall Host Intrusion prevention system Antivirus

What does all of this mean? ← Clickable link…

That would give a brief overview of what the users would expect after installing CIS.