Make CIS uninstall/install less hassle

I love Comodo products but they really need to start taking this matter seriously because it casts a huge cloud over them.

I tried to install CIS v7 using the v6 updater but it stalled at 91%, so I then had to go through the ridiculously laborious clean install process, using Revo, both removal tools, registry cleaner etc etc. I know of no other security product that requires this much effort to uninstall it and I’m on the verge of looking at other manufacturers’ products because of it, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Ideally it should be possible to install the latest version using the updater, but if Comodo are not prepared to put in the effort to achieve this then, at the very least, there should be ONE, and only one, OFFICIAL CIS removal tool that will uninstall everything without having to use Revo, unofficial removal tools etc etc.

Here’s hoping this doesn’t fall on deaf ears and I won’t have to go through this crazy process again.

PS -This was difficult to fit into the requested wish format hence this way.

The updater usually does do a good job. It it is continuing to give you problems with multiple releases please start a new topic for that in the HELP section of the forum. It’s possible that there is a particular program which is causing problems, or some other related variable.

However, as for following my re-installation guide, I was actually considering simplifying it. It is a bit of work if you follow every step. I think it’s likely enough to uninstall it normally, reboot into Safe Mode, run the removal tool (just the newest one), restart the computer, and then install the newest version. It seems this is likely enough to solve the problems, and I do agree that it’s possibly too laborious as it currently is.

As this is not a wish for an enhancement to the CIS program, I will move this to the Rejected section. I hope you understand.

Thank you.