Make CIS better


  • LT1 : Windows 10 Famille - 20H2 - 19042.685 / CIS PRO :
  • LT2 : Windows 10 Famille - 20H2 - 19042.746 / CFW :
  • CIS user for 5 months

I propose these short and medium term suggestions for CIS :

  1. General Principles and steps 1x :
  • the priority is to fix the bugs, the evolutions will wait
  • a release every 6-8 weeks with about 5 changes to limit the impacts, secure the users avoiding aggressive posts and facilitate the monitoring by the development team
  • a release should not generate new bugs
  • limit the uninstalls and reinstalls
  1. I’m surprised to read moderators suggesting to use Bitdefender Trafficlight rather than COS.
    I think Comodo should upgrade and make more reliable Secure Shopping, COS and CISE (managing Firefox, Chrome and Edge Chromium).

  2. CAV gets excellent results :
    but fails to appear on some independent tests of Anti-Virus softwares because, I think, of its image as a software for advanced/technophile users. It would be necessary to break this image.
    As the AV is the first software installed by a user on his PC it would be necessary to improve the level 1. On top of that a specialized module on email clients (thunderbird, outlook for example) would certainly be a plus.
    It would also be interesting to reduce the duration of the full scan (more than 1 hour with CIS but about 20 minutes with Avast/Bitdefender). The algorithms are certainly not the same but it makes a big difference and security looks very similar.

  3. ….

These suggestions will certainly generate its flood of comments but CIS is a very comprehensive software that will benefit from being more reliable so that it can reveal its full potential to a greater number of users less advanced/technophile.
For example, on the forums of Avast or Bitdefender I have never read some words like PID, registry keys, …
CFW setting requires some knowledge about protocols and ports. That’s the price to pay to use it but it is not insurmountable. If you don’t have them, you have to make the effort; that’s what I did.
CIS should be seen mainly as an application software and not as a technical software. CIS should be set up from a functional point of view without worrying too much about the OS, as does an accountant setting his accounting software.

in prevention CIS is excellent (that is future in information security);
programs the front of your time: comodo internet security, keyscrambler… (both protect leak data typed in keyboard same than the PC be infected…

sorry my english!