Make CIMA a visible part of CIS, CPF, CAVS ect

Hi Comodo

You CIMA is great! But sometimes it is very slow and takes forever to generate a report.

So I was thinking of a client based edition. You download and install it on your computer as a standalone - or integrate it to Comodo Firewall, Antivirus, as a visible part! Make an option to open the tool and use it. Every report + .exe could be send to Comodo.

Regards, Tesk

I like the idea, CIMA will constantly be improved all the time - And I agree it is to slow at the moment, But things will improve.

CIMA like heuristics will be in CIS by the way… You probably know that too! :slight_smile: I like your idea though. :-TU


Any idea yet as to when this (heuristics) will be added?

Early 2009

I suppose this is what your looking for:

New version of CIMA today too. :slight_smile:


I was looking for a time frame (closer than early 2009) when the heuristics package will be added to CIS. Thank you, though for the answers.