Just downloaded your free products, I love them! Thank you. I decided to post all of them in my Tips & Tricks section of my blog (

I really love the skin that Comodo firewall uses, and the popup screen requesting user input is gorgeous. I love the little flame :slight_smile:

Since skinning Windows XP is a big deal nowadays (face it the normal skin looks like ■■■■) I think Comodo should make an XP skin to use with Windowblinds, StyleXP or with a modded skins dll-file.

I wish i could make a skin I’d do it Comodo-style (hrm… Hey, there’s another idea. Slim T-shirts that say “I’m going comodo!”)

Anyway, I’m off to playing with the options. Love it Love it!


Skinning Tool will be available soon:

I think he means a skin for XP that looks like CFP (v2?). I don’t know how skins for XP are made but there must be a way.

Well He mentioned he wanted to make a Skin :-)… Then again… Your right Japo, Nevermind.


No worries. :slight_smile: If the likes skinning he may want to make/use custom skins for CFP too.

You can use Resource Hacker to change the bitmaps of luna.msstyles, I guess.
Then you could replace the icons and change the wallpaper too :wink:

有中文版的吗?Ƥ�� (:TNG)
给 CFP 3.0 换个皮肤
在 Program Files/Comodo/Firewall 下创建文件夹 Themes,在文件夹 Themes 下再创建一个文件夹,你可以自己命名,如:Custom。

复制 Documents and Settings<username>\Application Data\Comodo\Firewall Pro\Data\ResFiles 下所有文件到刚才创建的 Custom 文件夹下,编辑 Custom 文件夹下’prdinfo.ini’ 文件的’INFO’ 字段: ‘ProductName’ 和 ‘ThemeName’,你可以自己起名。
在 CFP 中的杂项》设置》主题 就会出现你起的名称。

你可以将你喜欢的图片和图标替换 Custom 文件夹下相应文件,这样你的 CFP 将与众不同。

Yes, I meant an XP GUI skin that looks like comodo :slight_smile: windowblinds or stylexp or something :slight_smile: