Make a Better Effort at Coordinating Volunteers

It looks like many people have posted saying that they are interested in helping out. However, no one at comodo seems to be coordinating the effort.

If comodo cannot dedicate internal staff to coordinate such an effort, then an alternative might be to have community members apply and then select the best candidate(s).

Agree with you on this. We should have some kind of coordinated volunteer promotion of our beloved Comodo Internet Security.

So far I’m just promoting Comodo Internet Security all by myself (since 2010) at my country’s biggest online forum at the link below:

Good ideas. I hope the staff comments. One good thing is the Comodo Bucks. You refer a user and get 1 Comodo Buck per install of CIS (free or paid version). You can spend these on buying the paid version of CIS with GeekBuddy support and pc tuneup.

Comodo Bucks? Tell me about it.

Thanks in advance.

Here is the link: You sign up and then use the referral link. For every person who installs the free or paid version with your link you get on Comodo Buck (or Dollar) towards buying the payed version of CIS. If I am explaining incorrectly hopefully someone will correct me.