Majorgeeks website had some bad news about AVG

at the website

to keep it simple, I’ll just quote what they said (It was in red letters)

Please note that while we still gladly offer AVG for download, recently AVG Free Edition has been breaking peoples computers, including both of the editors at Majorgeeks. We had a lot of difficulty removing and repairing our machines and we like to think we know what we are doing. After 10+ years we had to find a new anti-virus. Their new model seems to be a poorer quality free edition with an attempt to upsell to the paid versions. This is something we can not stand by and watch without warning you. We have had numerous emails as well from people who needed their computer fixed after a botched installation of AVG Free Edition. Other companies continue to offer free protection and we suggest you try those instead. I am currently using Panda Cloud anti-virus but Avast and Avira offer good, free protection. You might consider one of these alternatives. You'll thank us later.

We hope AVG makes a comeback in the free protection arena, an area we feel they had dominated all of these years.

That’s sad, AVG used to be good along time ago :-\

Along time ago yes;
How about install CIS :smiley:


I don’t have much experience with infected computers, but about 90% of the ones I’ve seen have AVG installed. Could be coincidence… :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s always AVG which has the issues, in all respects. You can’t go one month without hearing something about AVG making computers unbootable for some so-called mistake. You would’ve thought that any decent antivirus would have some whitelist or failsafe to stop computers being rendered unbootable, this just proves how AVG is completely into the cash and not into the quality.
And yet, even after all of this, once one issue has been solved, everyone starts using AVG again like nothing happened, even though it’s doomed to happen again and AVG doesn’t even provide good enough protection.
Basically, if AVG doesn’t detect it, it’s malware, if AVG does detect it, it must be safe.

I like the way MG is handling this. Sort of a last warning for AVG to straighten up before MG stops hosting their sorry software. :smiley:

It's always AVG which has the issues, in all respects. You can't go one month without hearing something about AVG making computers unbootable for some so-called mistake
Maybe AVG is using the users that are using the free version as lab rats in a lab :-TD (If they keep have massivie problems on a large scale then they need to return it to alpha or beta versions). Then when they finally get things working (for the most part) they'll put it on the paid version >:-D

Well, I think it’s about time. AVG was going down the mountain rapidly since version 9. I’ve been hearing people complaining about slow computers that often crash or easily infected systems. Oh and guess what’s installed…AVG.

I wonder what makes it so popular among users when there’s avast and avira. ??? I do believe their better than AVG. :-TU

Once I asked my friend who had problem with viruses: “how did you choose AVG as your antivirus?”. He answered me: “it had the most downloads on and”.
So, ignorance is the biggest problem when choosing protection and fighting with malware. People are still using AVG, S&D and other products that were good in the past, but they’re not good nowadays. They don’t realise that things have changed.

Well said there :slight_smile: :-TU

People think that highest downloads=best security or anything else. But that’s not the case. People should care more about their chooses in their digital lives, just as you do in real life. When you choose your insurgence you don’t pick on because it has most costumers but because of your needs and what they have to offer.

Valentin N

AVG is one of most downloaded in my country.
Some tests say it is poor on detection. Some others, at good sources and independent ones, reveal that the detection rate increased in 2010 compared to others.
Their forum is problematic. There is lack of support (as far I know).
But regarding to the specific problem of Majorgeeks, I’m not that sure there is happening a degradation of the free version instead of the paid. I have read that a lot of features is being added to the free version. I mean, softwares have problem from time to time… that does not allow us (or they) to FUD.

I wonder what makes it so popular among users when there's avast and avira. Huh I do believe their better than AVG.

The reason is because it used to be popular a long long time ago, people are very slow to change to something else.

Guess why AVG is popular in Sweden (and why I used it long ago :o)?

PC För Alla is a Swedish computer magazine. Look at their Heta nedladdningar (Hot downloads): AVG and Ad-Aware. 88)