Major problems with update

I seriously hope someone can help me with this.

I updated to the new version of cis this morning by uninstalling the old cis and installing the new one. But after i did so my computer has more or less stopped working. (Im using my laptop to write this)
Comodo cannot be started, The only file in the directory is cavshell.dll (which you cant delete or move)
CIS does not show up in install uninstall programs in the control panel.
I cant connect to my LAN network anymore.
My computer is generally running very slowly.

Im guessing that this is because there are some components left of CIS that are making problems, but they cant be seen by install/uninstall.

What i need is to find the remaining elements that are making problems so that i dont have to format as the result of trying to update my antivirus software. That would be the ultimate irony.

Never mind i fixed it myself. The problem was that the entries in the system registration database were still intact. So the CIS installer looked at those and thought the program was still intact, and therefore propted a remove/uninstall. But since windows already had removed it it saw the program as uninstalled.

Im not sure exactly what caused the problem in the first place but if anyone else gets this problem the solution is this:

Open regedit.Search for “comodo” and delete everything you find. Some of the entries cant be deleted(The ones that integrates the program control and firewall/anti virus into windows) but dont worry about that, they dont need to change.
Once you’re through, restart.
Install the new CIS (That i hope you have on your harddrive, as you still cant access LAN at this point, because of the integration stuff above)

After install, restart and everyhing should be working again.

Just a quick warning, messing with sysreg is not something that should ever ever be done ever. Its easy to ruin something when messing about inthere. Dont try this solution as anything but last resort. Im surprised it worked for me, and it proberly wont for everyone

Otherwise you can also use this clean up tool in case the unistallation went bad.