MAJOR problem: Unable to access quarantine

Trying to view my quarantined email lists and I’m getting an error stating:

“Unable to access quarantine”

I’m using a full “admin-ed” account and can access and change everything, I just can’t access my quarantine. I’ve got two very important emails locked in it right now that I need access to ASAP as well.

On another (perhaps related?) note, I have Antispam setup to send me daily quarantine reports and I’ve not seen one in months… I haven’t had any issues with mail until now though so I wasn’t too worried.


Please make sure you access your Antispam Gateway Administration Console using this link: Secure Email Gateway Login Page (note the ‘admin’ in the link).
The credentials should be the same you use to log in to your Comodo Account:
If you do not remember your password, please use the following link to reset: Forget Password | COMODO Account Management

I am using the admin login… still getting a “Unable to access quarantine” error.

Can you please open a ticket with our support team so that we may investigate further? OR email us at ASGSupport at COMODO dot com

Please reference this thread when creating your ticket/email.