Major problem after startup

OK so ive had no problems whats so ever when starting up my PC etc no comodo pop ups ever come up when i start up my PC however just a momment ago ive found a tough time with all these problems and i have no clue to why these happened CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP

Im still a little panicked considering i limited most some and blocked mostly some and only allowed 1 i think but is there a virus on my computer if its doing this

What did you do while this? Or is it happening automatically?
What other security programs are running?
What changed lately?

Make a scan with malwarebytes antimalware free. Just in case. To have a second opinion. I would recommend to run a scan with emsisoft antimalware free (former a-squared free) too, if you are really concerned. (Both dont feature a guard in the free version. Ideal second opinions.)

If you are “sure” that no virus is found, and there is a problem with a security software, i would personally reinstall the “problematic” program, instead of trying to solve something that i am not sure about.

Also, you should concider to use the password function of a security product. So you would need the password to do certain actions. Like disabling, uninstalling, changing.

Before you are going reinstall comodo, safe the config first. If you insert a saved config later, make sure that you activate it after.

NOTE: Wrong choices of allow or block may have unwanted consequences. Some things may fail for example.
In this case, first test what happens without your old configuration. Its not that hard to start from scratch anyway. And you would avoid to reintroduce a possible mistake.

Do you mean you got a lot of alerts where you normally don’t get them?

Sometimes when CIS crashes it may loose part of its settings and that may be happening to you.

To add to clockwork’s advice also run Hitman Pro and TDSS Killer just to be on the safe side there is no malware involved. I am not convinced it is malware causing this but it never hurts to check for malware first.

Assuming the problem is with your configuration I suggest to start with a factory clean configuration and activate that. Go to More → Manage My configurations → Import.

Now navigate to the CIS installation folder and choose the configuration you have been using; f.e. Proactive Configuration. When importing you will be asked what name to give it. Give it a non default and appropriate name like COMODO - Proactive Security New. Activate it and reboot.

true infact this is the first time this has hapend to me ive never gotten these and it never happens so far most of my problems ive sorted

i put in a scan on MSE and Malwarebytes so far both came back clean and will take your suggestion and and run hitman pro and TDSS Killer

Em i think i may know what ■■■■■■■ this up and the only thing i download the day before this all happend was L.A.W living after war a F2P game , i think it was part fault considering i never get my offical game clients from mirrir links

i completely forgot i posted a thread about this like i was saying it was maybe LAW that caused this hole issue