Major Frustration renewing certificate

Hi I run a small software company from my home and have had a Comodo code siging certificate since 2009. I am currently trying to renew it - but your support is making the process extremely frustrating. I seem to get a different support person each time I email and have to explain my situation again. I am up to about the 16th email to and from trying to resolve this.

Because I run the company from my home address I do not have a dedicated phone line registered in the business name. I have however provided your validation staff with:

  1. A recent company bank statement with the address (my home address)
  2. Government company registration documents showing me as a director of the company and my home address (which is also the company address)
  3. A recent government tax office form with my company name and address

The domain registration (whois) listing for my website includes my home/business address and phone number. The residential listing for me shows my full name (which is quite unique) and my address and the same phone number.

I managed to get to the point with one of your staff where they wrote that if I provided the company registration documents showing both my name/address as director and the company name that they would accept my phone for a callback even though it is not registered as a company phone number. I provided the document but then the next email I got (presumably from someone different) said:

We regret to inform you that, we are unable to accept provided URL because of you have enrolled your name [...] instead of the company name

Since the phone number clearly belongs to me and I am clearly a director of the company and live at the company address and the same phone number is in the whois listing for the company website, I cannot understand what possible security benefit is derived from insisting that I have phone number registered in the company name. What makes this even more frustrating is that I already have a Comodo certificate and I’m just trying to renew it. You have accepted my documentation before and NOTHING has changed.

I hope someone can resolve this or I will just have to ask for a refund and go elsewhere. My order number is:

I apologize for the confusion. We have all your documentation and I’ve instructed my staff to make the callback and get this issued for you. You should receive a call during your business hours tomorrow.