Major email delays

Is anyone else experiencing major delays in email? Starting a few days ago, a large number of our incoming emails are not delivered to our server until hours after they are received by Comodo. It almost seems to be random. Someone will send an email to multiple people in our organization, and one person gets it right away and another person gets it 5 hours later. If I search the Comodo incoming log in this situation, I can see all of the emails. But there is nothing listed in the delivery queue for the one that has not come through yet. We double checked our SMTP logs and it was never attempted to be sent either. Eventually it does come through.

We did email support about it on 1/24. On 1/26 they said “there was a major DDOS attach on our ASG servers yesterday, overloading them and causing the delays”

This is not the first time we have had days of delayed mail…