This is extremely frustration and annoying as it happened many times already.

Note: San Andreas runs on the left monitor, comodo popups we’re on the left monitor at the time. Task manager runs in the right monitor. GCC Updater was in the left monitor behind San Andreas

I’m running Grand Theft Auto San Andreas in full screen, I have GCC updating in the background. Comodo Defense+ gives a popup asking what to do because the GCC updater did something new.

The game just freezes, I can’t minimize.

So I try to use task manager to close San Andreas, but I can’t because task manager is not allowed to close San Andreas because I never told it to before (Please don’t say to add custom policy for task manager etc, that’s not the point).

So when I tried to close San Andreas with task manager, so that I could see behind it, it just froze because there was already a pending action for GCC updater.

At this point my entire system was frozen so I had to reboot (Lost tons of data as usual).

I don’t know any solution to this because it’s the game’s nature that causes it to stay over the comodo popups. I think the best thing would be to make multiple comodo popups be able to come up for different processes, instead of just freezing your entire computer every time a popup is there.

This happened many times with different applications. The only solution I can think of now is uninstalling Comodo Firewall all together.

Excuse me but its not a bug. Only post bugs if you exhausted all your resources first. Look through the forums. If you looked you would have found my Gamers thread. I play all games and they work just fine if you using the firewall and D+ in training mode. Read here please.

I already read that post yesterday while trying to solve a different issue. It doesn’t help at all. At any time, any process could suddenly attempt to access a protected file or inject memory, etc.

Once that happens, the popup will come behind GTA:SA, and there will be no possible way to do anything else until I hit the reset button on the PC.

If this isn’t a bug then it’s a fault in implementation.

Delete all your entries of the game in the firewall and D+ and then reboot and use training mode. You can also manually add the games exe’s to the firewall and D+. What do your logs say? Does it use Punkbusters? I play hundreds of games and they all work with Comodo.

Remove all entries of San Andres in the firewall and D+ and reboot. Put the firewal AND D+ in training mode and start up San Andres.

That wont fix it do you get it? Even if that was the only way to fix it, that’s a horribly insecure solution. The processes aside from San Andreas we’re causing popups. Meh I fixed the problem by uninstalling Comodo.