main window only in safe mode

hello, i’ve been using comodo firewall for some time now, and decided to give the antivirus a go. it seems to be working allright, there’s only one problem, when I right click on the systray-icon to “show comodo antivirus”, nothing happens, also Cavs crashes when attempting to go to “help” via the systray icon. when i open the help file from the c/program files/ comodo folder, eveything is allright. with the computer running in safe mode there seems to be no problem at all, so it looks like there is a program in my startup folder interfering with comodo.


I had this same issue after upgrading to IE7 with previous betas.

What beta vesion are you using? Do you have IE7 installed?

i’m using, so the latest build, and i’m using ie7, so I guess it’s an ie7 issue?

That could be possible, if you would like to be sure go to Add/Remove programs and go to the bottom and remove Internet Explorer. That will remove the Internet Explorer upgrade and revert you back to IE6.


well, I kind of like EI7, so I hope that this will be over when the final version of CAVS is there. Except from this small bug, the program works fine, the only problem is that I can only scan my computer in safe mode now, but I guess that’s better anyway
uninstalling EI7 resolved the problem, by the way, so thanks for your help!