Main advices.

Respected sir,

Since u are updating the program frequently for features…etc,I humbly
request you to —

1)Slowly write the program code,making it bug free.
2)Having Patience is important
3)Also think well and then do it.

Make this read by ur programmers.

I have used over 3 softwares and yours is the greatest of all I found and has the maximum
features than others.

raama—Krushna – from India

Hi raama—Krushna, welcome to the forum

With all due respect - that was your 1st post here

So, what was a particular point applying to Comodo developers and “suggesting”
to “think well” & “Having Patience” ???

“Make this read by ur programmers” :o …hmmmm…

Excuse me, but that is rather empty-worded statement (I will refrain from posting more …EricJH definitely should like that :wink: … heheh!)

There are many users who:

  • are staying with Comodo for many years:

  • constructively (important!), compare to your post , criticizing some “development moves” by Comodo;

  • reporting real bugs & helping with the investigations - that’s what you
    … and in most cases the issues are addressed & being fixed by Comodo’s developers

Have you ever wrote a single line of code… may I ask you?

the latter (probably) is not necessary, but my point was:

Please do report particular bugs & provide as much details as possible according to the rules established here in the forum

Comodo, despite not being perfect (what security is “perfect”?) has long history

  • the aim is clear;
  • the product is getting better (just look around);
  • the developers are extremely professional;

Constructive Criticism & a Will to Help - is one thing
Posting 1st “hello” message as yours is … let’s say it softly - is useless if not discouraging , etc.

my “Main advice”: please don’t do that any more neither here nor in any other technical forum

My regards