MailWasher won't run...


I’m a ‘newbie’ here so if this question has been asked before (and answered…) please accept my apologies.

I’ve just uninstalled Zone Alarm and installed Comodo - I was sometimes having BSOD’s on start up, don’t know if Zone Alarm was the problem - in any event there were other issues with Zone Alarm so I decided to try Comodo.

When I start MailWasher it tells me it doesn’t have an Internet connection - now if I start my browser (normally Firefox but I also ocasionally use IE7) then close the browser immediately MailWasher will run. I can turn it off and on as many times as I like and it works ok BUT if I power down the PC then re-boot again I have to run a browser before MailWasher will run.

This is only happening since I installed Comodo - not a great problem but a bit of a nuisance !

If you’re not familiar with MailWasher it’s a programme that enables you to check for mail and ‘see’ the headers without actually downloading anything - that way I never download rubbish.

Another funny I have is that sometimes in Comodo if I click on Summary then Application Monitor then double click on one of the listed applications I get the Application Control Rule screen. Now sometimes this is difficult to read as the main screen - which is now behind it - can be seen through it - almost as if it was transparent - difficult to explain but it makes reading the Control Rule screen virtually impossible. I’ve found that turning Comodo off then re-booting cures this - maybe just re-booting would.

Thanks for any help


I too unloaded ZA and installed CFP, and run Mailwasher. I haven’t had your problem. Did you allow CFP to scan all your existing apps and put it on learning? I’m thinking maybe Mailwasher can’t see your IP address, but your browser can. So once your browser is accessed your IP address is visible to Mailwasher. In Mailwasher, do you have “assume I’m online” checked off in options?


Thanks for the reply.

It was the ‘assume I’m online’ that was not selected…
Works fine now - thanks for your help - much appreciated

I’d used ZA for ages without any problems but since I bought this DELL Dimension 9150 I’d had a fair few issues with it so decided it was time for a change. Only been running CFP for a few days and it seems to be working well - maybe have a look at some of the other Comodo freebies soon !

Thanks again,