mailto links wreak havoc [Solved]

Windows 7 (Ultimate)
The Bat! email client 6.2.8
ESET Smart Security
No screen dumps

I run IceDragon on Windows 7. My e-mail client is Ritlabs’ The Bat!, which is obviously not supported by IceDragon, because every time I click on a mailto link on a website, I get an error message (after a 30-second pause) saying “Could not perform the operation because the default mail client is not correctly installed.” (It is.) Then about 4,000 copies of Internet Explorer open up, each with the heading “Navigation canceled”. Thank God it’s Windows 7, because I can right-click on a single instance of IE on the activity bar and select “Close all windows”. Although I first have to wait at least another 30 seconds until it’s loaded several hundred copies of IE, because up until then everything is frozen. Including IceDragon.

I really like IceDragon, and I also really like The Bat. I understand that you can’t make the program compatible with every single e-mail client in the world, but would it be too much to ask to have it JUST give me the error message and not start up an endless loop of Internet Explorer launches? Even better, wouldn’t you consider looking into supporting The Bat!, which is an amazing program and capable of so much more than most e-mail clients out there.
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Hi and welcome ChangelingSE,
Does configuring CID to default to the bat email client under the ‘mail to’ options help?
Customizing Applications for Opening Different File Types

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The Bat is listed in the Options under Applications, although the icon is greyed. If I click on the arrow and select Application Details, it only gives me options for Gmail and Yahoo mail. Is there somewhere else I can configure the e-mail client?

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Oh. Um… I figured it out. Instead of just leaving it at the grey “The Bat (default)”, I went in and selected Other and went to the actual .exe file for The Bat. And voila, I got a “live” icon and it works the way it used to back when I had Chrome.


That is good to hear that you have solved the issue, thanks for posting back. :-TU