mailpoet 226472

Im getting a site blocked by using mailpoet via rume 226472 (vulnerability in mailpoet newsletter wordpress plugin before 2.6.11)

however i have 2.6.16

and when i try and find the rule 226472 it does not exist…

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We will check this issue.

Had a few clients contact me today also saying they cant use mailpoet… upon looking its same issue, modsecurity blocking it, and they also all have the latest version of mailpoet

How do i disable this rule: 226472

i cannot do it via the GUI in WHM because when i search for it it just displays “no rule found”

This is really urgent, i got loads of clients that use mailpoet and none of them can use it

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Please disable Rule 226470 because rules 226471, 226472, 226473 is linked to this rule.

If plugin will display “no rule found” for this ID also just add following rule IDs (226470 226471 226472 226473) to /var/cpanel/cwaf/etc/httpd/global/zzz_exclude_global.conf

Regards, Oleg