Hi, is there anyone who has pay attention with “”?

I got on my firefox. I’m not really sure but, I also found hijacked and yandex malware, may they all come from the same origin (?).
So, how can I clean it up? Comodo virus scanners (premium) didn’t detect them. :frowning:

How is manifesting in Firefox? As a home page, a page for a new tab or an extension?

How does the Yandex malware show?

Comodo has sponsor deals with Yahoo and Yandex for different parts of the world. The online help gives the example for Yahoo:

Set my homepage, search engine and browser’s new tab to Yahoo (all supported browsers).

I don’t know if for parts of the world that get Yandex as sponsor also get (both are from Russia) set in their browsers. I’m from West Europe and there we get the Yahoo sponsor when installing CIS when we don’t untick it.

Hi Erick,
In my case, manifested as the home page and search engine. However I’ve done with Malwarebytes. I don’t know exactly but Malwarebytes still identify yandex as a virus.

What does Malwarebytes detect? Can you post a screenshot of the test results page? That way we may get a clearer picture of what is going on.