Mail, proxy and secure file server.

This has been covered, but I would just put out a reminder there.

A Mail, proxy and secure file server (encryption) added to the CIS suite for SOHO’s

This would make a secure single point of entry from the internet into the network and should the file server be on the same box, encrypt the necessary user directories. Could use the active directory accounts as the client database.

This would just make a complete product for SOHO’s… as I don’t think there is anything like this out there like that!

I did find something on the internet with what I had in mind -

A single gateway… that way only the AV would need to installed on the client machines. The Comodo CIS server would control the updates/web/email traffic to the client computers.

This could be a revenue path for Comodo as I’m sure a lot of SOHO companies require such a system.