mail gateway

Hello, I installed cavl on ubuntu, but I can not be filtered (mail gateway ) emails. use mozilla thunderbird.

Someone who helps me, please.

Using cavl, final version in ubuntu and xubuntu 12.04

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[Edit: Sorry for delayed reply].

The mail gateway is, I think intended to filter mail server traffic not mail client traffic.

So if you run your own mail server, and attach client to it, you can benefit from this facility. But if you use a third party server I think you cannot. (I did ask a question about this myself, but have not received an answer, so I cannot be sure this information is correct).

It would probably possible to use a third party server forward mail from this to your own server, and download to there your client. But setting that up would be hard work.

Best wishes


Thanks for your welcome response mouse1, now I understand why it did not work.
Thank you again.