Hi n HAPPY NEW YEAR to ya’ll. For Christmass i got a MagicJack n it works GREAT but…lol its always a but lol. Any how, MagicJack is to auto start with Windows but myself AND the MagicJack staff cant figure why it isnt auto starting. Following there instructions i even copy n paste a hidden file from MagicJack folder to the “Startup” folder but still nothing on boot up even though it works manualy.

Anyone out there having any MagicJack issues with COMODO or a solution to my problem?

I don’t know the answer to your problem but I have a question for you. I had read that the magic Jack might not work on a laptop because of power issues. They said that you might have to get a powered usb hub and connect the Magic jack to that. Does it work for you connected directly to the computer?

As I type this I have an external HDD plugged into one USB Port and a unpowered USB Hub plugged into the other. Into the unpowered hub i have the MagicJack module plugged in as well as a powered USB Hub which connects a bunch of other stuff.

In answer to your question Yes it works connected directly to my laptop. But if you use a USB Hub it must a powered hub or a hub that transferes power from the computer to the hub as SOME UNPOWERED hubs only transfer data and do not transfer power.