Mageia 3 Linux Distro Install

Will it install? How do I Comodo AV?

:wink: On Mageia 4 the following steps were confirmed:

  1. Install your kernel-devel files for your architecture.
  2. Download Comodo Antivirus for Centos RPM for your architecture.
  3. Download filter driver.tar from for kernel 3.12
  4. Install the RPM
  5. Replace (as root) the /opt/COMODO/driver.tar withe the downloaded on step 3.
  6. Execute (as root) /opt/COMODO/

I hope that these help :-TU

I use PCLinuxOS, a KDE version.
I’m wondering if Comodo CAVL would install, is compatible ?

I’d need the .rpm version.

From what I’ve read it seems a great product, although we’re basically catching Windows Viruses I suppose, to protect interactions with our Win friends.

Feel free to respond.

I picked this thread as I’ve used Mageia in the past which also is a KDE distro.