Made me panic, had to shut down my computer!

I have been using Comodo for years now. I was even gonna buy some of the products there!
One of the GeekBuddy members removed that idea from my mind. (Maybe)

His name was Justin.
He sounded like a pretty cool guy and I could tell he was using buttons to make automatic messages. But he did speak like a normal person and not like a bot.
So I told him my problem. (It was to add ROBLOX to my Trusted Files list.) He eventually asks me for a Remote Session. I thought about it for a second. He seemed like a pretty cool guy so I let him.

Now, he did help me fix my problem. But, he proceeded to do things on my Computer.
He tried to read my Skype messages. When I tried to ask him what is going on, he quickly
minimized GeekBuddy. Eventually when I tried to message him, it didn’t show that he was receiving any messages.
I told him something like this; “The problem is fixed. Why are you still having a remote session?”
When I pressed Enter. It didn’t show that he received it.

At this moment, I panicked and I held the power button on my Computer.
When I turned it back on. I saw GeekBuddy was turning on. I quickly tried to open my Task Manager to end the process on GeekBuddy, before Justin could attempt to do any more harm on my Computer. I didn’t do it on time. Then he said this; “Welcome Back” I really panicked and then when I saw he said “Please disconnect the chat.” I calmed down by the slightest bit. And disconnected it.

Please, don’t make me switch to MalwareBytes. I really like this antivirus. Now, I may buy something from Comodo. But I sure as hell am gonna uninstall GeekBuddy and NEVER use it again.

Also, pressing the Disconnect button didn’t work.