I cannot use the macro function to add the date to my backup folder. Under the “destination” tab, the macro button is grayed out.
How do I use the macro function to add dates or times to my folder name?

hi im5049
The macros option works only with the full backup option. :wink: First select the options tab and check the full backup(recreate all)option, Automatically the macros button in the destination tab will be enabled .Hope this will work for you ;D

That worked. Thank you.

But this brings up another question. How can I do a full backup at the beginning of each month, and an incremental for the rest of the month? I can label the full backup with the month and year using the macro, but how do you set up the incremental backup to copy to that folder automatically? It seems that each month you would have to wait until after the full backup so that the folder is created, then set up an incremental backup selecting that folder as the destination.

Is there a way to do this automatically?


I think you would need to set up two separate jobs.

The first would be a full backup on the first day of the month. The second would be an incremental running on whatever days you selected. Both jobs would have the same folder as their destination.

I couldn’t find a way to have both backup types in the one job, but having two jobs in the schedule isn’t a big deal.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile: