macrium reflect and virtualbox.

Would it be at all possible for one of my macrium reflect system images to run in virtualbox?
I know its a strange question and im completely new to using virtualbox.
At the moment i have linux ubuntu running inside but im very confused as to how ubuntu operates.
Im used to using windows and just wondered if i can run an image inside virtualbox.?
Many thanks. ???

If you made the image inside the VM, I don’t see why not. If you made the images outside the VM, I don’t think it would work without some form of conversion.

G’day Mararnold

Goto Wilders Security Forums and look into ‘backup, imaging & disk mgmt’ section someone (a user) was asking the same question in the past posted, if the information is not there please apply you’re new topic post because I remember in my Avast forum someone said to look into Wilders Security Forums.

Link Wilders Security Forums

Apparently you can. It’s called Redeploy,though I have no idea if it works with all versions of reflect or if it’s a free tool. Something you can check into. :slight_smile: