Mac related question... Safari is supported on MAC


Reading the FAQ’s… I see that on Mac, the browser supported is Firefox… personally I feel Safari is a lot faster…
Any ideas if there is plans for Safari support?


Oscar A

The release date for complete safari support has not been released.
firefox is still the best browser when using Trustfax on a MAC.

I used firefox today for my first test fax. I have only used Comodo for about 5 minutes so I might not be fully qualified. When I tried with Safari there was an error in the CSS (send to web geek) that caused the button graphics to overlap their click areas. I actually got a file to upload once in the box for a test but I forgot how gigantic it was.

Anyway, switched to firefox and all was good. It seems that all that would be necessary for safari compatiblity is fixing the layout there… everything else seemed to work OK. I signed up, viewed, tracked, etc. on Safari.

There is more than the layout with safari. Safari support is on the development schedule. Some issues have already been fixed on safari but there are still some items in development.

TrustFax supports Safari Browser.
Other browsers that are supported are Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.