Mac Products

I am a firm believer in the potential of Comodo. I believe they should make the free antivirus Mountain Lion, 10.8 compatable. Also, they should make a free firewall, and comodo dragon and icedragon products for the macintosh platform.

The comodo team could possibly even make a free comodo antivirus 6.0 version when it releases for the mac and even linux platforms.

Mountain Lion version of the AV is my biggest concern if you all at the comodo team could focus mainly on that out of all the contents of this thread, that would be wonderful.

Comodo, please focus on Comodo 6.0 for mac.

I would also like for comodo to make a firewall, and dragon and ice dragon available to the macintosh platform.

What is Moutian lion??? is that a AV for macs or something???

Mountain Lion

ohh look awesome COMODO should do it!

I am constantly checking the mac av, I see they updated the picture, but the installer is still outdated and not compatible with Mountain Lion… :frowning:

They should ??? how about “they must!” ? Wow! … are you serious… or what?

What picture? Please post it (the image) here

Please submit your bug report in the format stated & accepted by Comodo developers


The picture as in, if you click mac av, there was a picture similar to the one on linux, it looks different now.