Mac OS X Server with Open Directory requires Code Signing?

I am running Mac OS X Server. Open Directory on the server benefits from an SSL Certificate. Profile Manager uses Open Directory to manage devices. When a user downloads a profile or receives is via email, it appears untrusted apparently because the SSL certificate does not include a Code Signing extension within the SSL certificate.

I have been reading the forums on Apple’s website and users there are saying that the typical SSL certificate from most SSL providers work just fine but the SSL certificates from Comodo state the the files are Not Verified.

I would like to find if others are using the Comodo Code Signing certificates to obtain both the SSL lock icon on their web site as well as achieve a Verifed downloaded profile when the user purchases the Code Signing SSL certificate. It would seem beneficial if I could get some type of statement from Comodo that their SSL certificates are as good as other providers for this purpose.

Is anyone having success with Comodo’s Code Signing SSL certificates for this purpose?