Mac OS unable to update virus definitions

HI all, new here. Am having some trouble updating Comodo antivirus on Mac OS. Please see below

Windows devices on the same network have no trouble updating so I don’t think it is anything to do with the router or firewall blocking it. Any advice welcome!

Thank you

Hi Tenacity,

Thank you for reporting.
May i know your comodo client security version and mac detail & version ?



Thank you for your reply. Please see below:

Macbook Air (intel i5)
MAC OS: Monterey Version 12.6.7

Please let me know if there is anything else.

The issue has been resolved. It had to do with the MacOS certificate on the Xcitium console having expired. Once that was renewed, Comodo on Mac OS systems were able to successfully update. Hopefully this helps someone else in future who may have this same problem.