Mac Compatible Version

Hey guys (specifically the Comodo team),

I don’t suppose there are any plans to make a Mac version of CIS? The only reason I ask is that I might be getting a mac within the next couple of weeks. I know it will take a lot longer than that to make a Mac compatible version of the software, but it would be nice to know that in the future, I could use CIS on it.

Of course, if I do get one, I shall still frequent the forum :slight_smile:



i think its not possible to make an cis version for other operating systems except windows…

btw on mac/linux no one need an complex hips-fw like cis

On Linux, I understand your point.

On Mac, I believe you’re wrong. Sure, the market share for Macs is small compared to Windows, but there’s still a significant amount of malware out there for OS X. The only decent free anti-malware tool for macs out there is PC Tools iAntivirus, but that only detects mac-specific malware, which means you could easily get a windows virus that doesn’t affect you, and then accidentally send it to someone using windows. You’d be infecting someone without realising it.


maybe we start with a basic AV for MAC?

what do u think?


While you’re at it ? Perhaps create a phone av also? Pretty please ? 88)


why not :slight_smile:

but people are only learning to use AV for their MAC…i don’t think people understand fully yet that their mobile phones can be infected or do something about it…


Yes, an AV for Mac would be brilliant ;D and thank you for replying personally Melih, it’s much appreciated :slight_smile:

OS X already has a firewall built in (though for some reason, disabled by default) so a basic AV is a good start :-TU



see what we can cook up :slight_smile:

Hi guys!

+1 for a Mac version of the av part! (I have asked this question before without really getting a clear answer, so good that you Beanie asked again and also wanting to see a Mac version!)

I have just ordered the new iMac 27" model wich i am so exciting about!!!

While Comodo are developing our Mac version, I use Integos Virus Barrier X5 until it’s finished!

BTW, for those who already got a Mac or are going to get one, this offer with 12 security apps for $50 is very very cheap indeed and worth taking a look at . Offer ends Oct31!!!
I have already bought one bundle for my new iMac !-)

However i’m looking forward for a Mac Antivirus Beta in 6-12 months :wink:

Cheers, J_G

If you’re planning anti-virus software on another OS platform.
The current anti-virus engine should detect other OS (non windows) malware.
Sure it’s not any matter on Windows. :slight_smile:
But it should be wishlist.

Thanks, much appreciated :slight_smile:

No problem mate, I only asked because I might be getting a mac soon as well :-TU

A friend who was living with me in 2005 had no Antvirus on his Nokia smart phone and it was making many files in some folders.
So I told him it may be a virus and I looked for one online and found that F-Secure had one for his Symbian OS.
It detected the virus and removed it and all he had to do was delete many files.

So a Comodo version for phones is not such a bad idea (well one day in the future) as as I know virus’s do get on phones and Bluetooth is also making it much easier to pass them around.
But a Mac version first is better for now.

okay you´re right ;D ,i had forgotten the mac malware…

Yea Beanie!

I sure hope you get a Mac as well!

If you have been thinking of getting an iMac then now is the right time to make the purchase,
since they did get updated last week!!! :-TU

Though the MBP’s haven’t been up updated in over 5-6 months, so if you thinking of buying one, then I belive it’s better to wait until the graphichs in the MBP have been updated.

Cheers, J_G

I don’t think that having a mac version is more or less important then having a mobile version to be honest. As there are more mobiles out there without AV’s using the net then there are mac users I expect.

It should be noted that OS X is actually a pretty wrapper for UNIX. And if anyone knows anything about UNIX, you’ll know that you won’t really need a virus scanner for it. It is, for all practical purposes, the most secure OS out of the box, along with its open source cousin, Linux.

Please, satisfy my ignorance.
A hardware setup (laptop, or whatever) with software enabled and connected to the Net: it is liable to infection. Am I right?


Well if you want to compare that way 88)

Then I can tell you that there are more mobile users in the world than there are PC users :wink:


I’m buying an iMac from my college lol they’re getting replacement ones (the new ones), so they’re selling off the G5’s they had for £175 each! ;D

Great point, but how many of those have internet access on the phones they have and after that how many use it and to shorten the odds even more how many of those have a fully working web browser on their phone? :slight_smile: