MAC address

Can I-vault do something like have me enter my MAC address and not allow it to be sent out to any sites?

I cannot answer your question, but I’m curious why you would want to obscure your MAC?

Because it’s one of the pieces of info someone needs to break in on your wireless connection, amongst other things. But it may not be feasible to do. I was just wondering.

Outbound content filtering is a technology that is available.
however where it fails miserably is that anyone who has a code in your machine to extract this piece of information (or other information) could simply encrypt it! So your content filtering would be useless (:SAD)


Ah, well, I figured it was a hopeless thing to ask for.

If you do a google for “mac address change”, you’ll find several utilities that allow for a permanent change of mac address. This may give you an alternative method of cloaking.

EWen :slight_smile: