if i run csc in lua in xp and i use run as(admin)does it clean the lua that im in at the moment or is it cleaning the admin account because i had to use the run as option?thanks

anyone ???

lua? (do you mean local user account?)

if that is what you mean, CSC will clean the admin account and the lua without having to run it as a admin.

but i cant run it on limited user account unless i click on run as in xp because csc needs admin privliges,so if i am logged on lua account and i use the run as function does it clean the lua that im currently in or the admin account because i had to use the run as function?

Hmm i cant say for sure… will test if it does.

thanks, i use the lua account almost all the time(kids) and the admin account if i have to,only asking because it would be no use for me to use csc if it doesnt clean the lua account in the senario i gave.

LUA = good Security practice. ;D :-TU

Regarding your question: I haven’t tried using Run As with System Cleaner, but if it’s designed to clean an ‘account’, and not ‘every account on the PC’, then it will clean the ‘administrator account’ when you use Run As.

I use MakeMeAdmin. It gives a Program ‘administrator privileges’ until you close that Program. But it will be perfect in your situation, as it executes the Program as the ‘LUA user’, but with temporary ‘administrator privileges’; so it will clean the LUA. To stop it running with ‘administrator privileges’, simply close the Program (in this case, just close System Cleaner)…

hopefully someone can answer this?
im using xp and vista different computers,i have on both computers an admin and lua.
when in the lua i try to run csc it has to run as admin so if i run it as the admin does it cliean the lua that im in or does it clean the admin account that i must run as?

no one?not even a dev ???

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I enabled my Guest account and CSC ran as guest.

Disc Clean and Registry Clean found far less to purge then when I run CSC as myself.
About the only thing that Disc Clean wanted to purge was in
C:\Documents and Settings\Guest\ somewhere or other.

This suggests CSC only cleans the account you are using.

If you your lua has no admin privilege you may get lucky with some utility such as MakeMeAdmin.

Personally I feel it inappropriate for Users to give themselves Administrator rights.

I would be really worried that once MakeMeAdmin (or similar) has been installed and any HIPS etc has been told it is safe, then could subsequent malware find a convenient way to use it to elevate its rights and maximise damage. My fear could be groundless, but if I lived in hope I would not have a firewall ! !



When CSC is ran on a Limited User Account, it will clean that current account you are logged in.

Thank you.

not sure you understood the question?it cant run in a limited user account without using runas(running as the administrator).j2897 ill try that program as it seems if you run a lua this program csc is useless.thanks