'Lt.ganda' what did you do? [resolved]


Why my topic 'Botnets and China’s Isolationist policy ’ moved?

Is there any obvious reason?

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This is the General Discussion board right?
We can talk anything and everything here right?
Tell me why.


I believe it was moved because it contravened these forums policies in regard to it’s overt political nature.

No-one has yet proven an association between “Ghostnet” and the PRC.

Similarly, saying that it’s “Dirty bot maker’s free zone” is unprovable.

Please read and follow the forums terms and conditions.

Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S. Although IP ranges are allocated by country, there is nothing to prevent a domain being registered with an IP outside of its geographical location.

It has been Proved for many years.

Have you ever visited?

Ghostnet is just an example for interesting story.
And I’m not talking about political isuue.
I’m talking about BOTNET, Hacking, Cracking etc
Let me ask you another example.
Why hard to catch the Confiker worm creator?

Also, you don’t understand about IP.
Sure, they can’t prevent domain registering.
That’s why lots of servers make IP block lists.
Do you undetstand what I’m talking about?
Ask somebody who are working for IDS,ISP or Hosting service provider.
They will give you the answer.

I only tell the truth.
Please open your eyes widely, then take a look around world.

If you want I can give you more proved informations.
There are tons of official informations.

I’ve just found that it has been moved to the General Security section. This secton is still available to general forum members.

The last two questions in your post are good questions and are related to general security.

The preceeding content is, IMHO, borderline political commentary, but someone else has seen fit to move it to the general security section. If the content relating to China, as a country, is removed, all we’re left with is your two valid questions.

Ewen :slight_smile:

errr,i think i moved it to General security board ???

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