Low Antivirus Detection Rates.

Sorry, you have amazing products, but the antivirus signatures are quite weak. :frowning:

Really that’s all anti virus needs is what they have too much and you get overpowder like Mccaffes and norton those are the true no good programs don’t trust such system hogs. Anyway Hi I’m new here to this fforum not to FORUMS this si funny cuz I have had a problem just as such were my CAV’s is too strong for my os liking because it has found a npupdate to be viral virus like when it is part or an .exe I know these are the worst when it comes to finding viruses that’s one point agee with you on is that the AV of COMODO should be able to detect a Virus in a EXE but it however does not well not the free version maybe I need the newest update I just got but I doubt that so in the end COMODO does seem weak but only in the way that it can not scan majorly large enough files liek I’m talking the DL Bit T’s and all thoughs ya so I guess it is weak in that way but why can’t it detect that npupdate when I scan manualy but when I go to install it does :S well at anyrate it works :S :slight_smile: :smiley: but like you said it would be “better” “if” it could atleast do some of these stronger scans :frowning: thanks for your post.

Ha ha I liek this forum it has light :open_mouth: later

Im very disappointed to how Comodo… they just keep on adding more features… but not the signatures.

They add signatures every day…

If you’re interested in how many get added, you can keep tabs on this site.
Comodo Anti-Malware Database - Latest additions

That said, signatures aren’t adequate to keep your machine safe from zero day threats. Comodo is more focused on prevention, which is a good thing. If nothing can get in, there is nothing for the AV to detect. :wink:

Comodo is starting to do well when it comes to detection. Consider reading CIS Certifications, Test Results & Reviews for reference.

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Wow…first time posters who are concerned about detection rates ;)…

Competitors are getting desperate or what :slight_smile: Worry not our dear competitors…Lord DACS will shut you up once and for all :wink:


Low detection rates? Nonsense!!

I’ve did my own little independent test in VM before loading Comodo IS on mine and my wife’s computers. Comodo missed nothing. Granted, it wasn’t hundreds or thousands of malware, but it was real world surfing into dangerous places. If the antivirus missed it, no doubt Defense + could protect me. Then, there’s the Comodo sandbox.

The AV caught everything, old malware and new malware. As of several days ago, we have Comodo IS on our computers.

My only wish was that, in the case of my wife, she could have the complete version since she tends to panic when a pop-up appears and just clicks ‘allow’ without thinking.

Living on a fixed income, we can’t afford that, so I told her to contact me before allowing anything. Fingers crossed that she will. 88) I don’t relish cleaning her machine, especially since I’m not a malware expert.

Comodo is a great product. I absolutely trust it to protect us.

Chuck. Make sure you have got the rules for your wife’s computer all set up and enable parental controls while suppressing alerts. Then there will be no alerts on your wife’s computer.

Thanks, Eric. After I made the post, I remembered languy’s video on Youtube about setting up CIS 5 and followed his suggestions. I also put MBAM and Hitman Pro (both free on demand) on her machine - just in case. I doubt I’ll need them, and she can run them if she does something stupid.

Im very disappointed to how Comodo........ they just keep on adding more features...... but not the signatures.
The signutures don't PREVENT and/or stop malware from coming in your computer. While Signutures are obsolete technology, it can only detect malware thats been around for a while

Correct, technically. The malware arrives and is stopped - if the av is up to date and the particular malware is known. Heuristics can catch many unknowns and neutralize them. Antivirus might be days behind. Comodo is very good at catching ‘current’ malware, supposedly not so good at older. During my mini test, it recognized a couple of trojans dating from 2007, essentially Stone Age in the computer world. I’m convinced Comodo IS will do the job for me.

Any date when we can except Lord DACS?
I’ve heard we might get it this month, does it still look like that will happen?

Can’t wait to see it, and hopefully it will shut the mouth on all the people that say comodo isn’t good because of the detection rates, and antivirus testers that doesn’t know how to test CIS properly.

I guess this monday or tuesday there will be a beta version of DACS available.


while i dont speak about the detection rate (which could anyways always miss the single virus that is a threat in a specific moment), comodo antivirus could need some more settings.

as it is in these days, i could not personally suggest to use comodo antivirus as a standalone. defense+ protects the good name of the antivirus too :smiley:

I agree. Again, as I think I’ve mentioned here and in other posts, I’m no expert. Far from it. I come from the age of typewriters. But, I’ve tried to learn and, with VMware Desktop I’m not afraid to test - in my naive, clumsy way - antivirus and other security programs.

And, after my few days of hunting and downloading way too many warez and other junk, and finding over a dozen pieces of malware (in VM), Comodo av caught all of them. If the antivirus had missed them, I’m confident Defense + and the sandbox would have got them. They were neutralized and neither MBAM or Hitman Pro found anything in the virtual machine.

That’s why I put Comodo IS on both my wife’s and my computers. It works. Those who criticize Comodo are preaching to the choir - people who just don’t like Comodo software for whatever reason, maybe because they just can’t understand how so many great free products can also be good.

I’ve become a believer in Comodo products. I have Comodo IS, Comodo backup and I’m looking at Comodo Time Machine although I think the backup is all I need. They all do what they’re supposed to, and I’ve had no trouble with any of them.

I don’t understand why people get all worked up over the antivirus. If the antivirus detection rate is the only thing that concerns you, you are using Comodo for the wrong reason. You can stick with Avira/avast/AVG and it will catch 99% of viruses, but will you sleep good at night knowing you are only 99% protected?

But when that 1% of virus that it doesn’t detect, ends up on your computer, you will be thanking the HIPS for protecting you.

you are right only as long as the virus is not hidden in something that you want to execute.
default deny cant help you then… you need an antivirus that detects.
a lot of the infections happen because someone executes something with intention.
EDIT: a right setted automatic sandbox should help to protect against permanent infection, when the files are sandboxed.

Then this is not a trusted file and CIS will automatically sandbox it!