Lovely chat with support /sarcasm

So was having problem with free version of comodo (couldn’t connect to server’s when i press the update button). Read a couple of thread’s from google pointing toward’s a reinstall of comodo.

So after 2 reinstall’s it still won’t connect, even though it has the green “secure” bar (it previous had the yellow “fix” bar because it stated it had not update in 2 days and i had to “fix” it).

While i was reinstalling i figured i’d get a fresh exe to avoid any problem’s and upon going to the comodo free program page i noticed “Internet Security, Antivirus and Firewall” version’s that all, to me, seem to do the same thing. So i decided to contact live support (failing to find any info via google on the differences).

This is the result:

It took just over 25 min’s from Marco typing “Hello!” to me getting ■■■■■■ of and ending the chat.

What sort of fucking live support is this?

Up until the server update issue i was happily enjoying the comodo product and was actually thinking of going all the way and buying it.

Your pal Macro here quickly shot down that idea and buried it.

I had the same problem with live chat , got disconnected 4 times , tried 2 more times sitting for 15 minutes or more for a response., and I have a paid subscription for real what type of customer service? >:(