Love and it's ability to reach us all

I am a gay guy and I found these lovely words (I love quotes, especially Criminal Minds!)

“Now as I join these couples in holy matrimony in the site of god in site of this community, I hope that all loving couples will hold each other in a kind of tender reverence, will honour love in all its forms, because love will not be denied just because someone thinks you don’t have the right to it, and those who have the courage to risk their love, never loose. Even when they feel betrayed and lost, even when it feels futile, love has a way reigniting and reanimating our lives at a time of surfacing when we least expect it, especially in people who only needed a chance to show you could shine. Love is our pulse, a breath and no matter who you find yourselves in love with it’s always a gift, so cherish and celebrate your love as couples and as partners for life, you may kiss your spouse.”

I think it shows how love touches us all…