Lost left & right scroll arrows to move from tab to tab [Merged]

Since update to 45 the scroll arrows have gone! Downgrade fixed problem but after 2nd attempt to update has same problem but downgrade had same issue Is this a bug?
How do I fix it as uninstall has left profile in place so reinstall without reboot restores faulty version.
Win 10 Home 64 bit latest build [March]
Bitdefender Internet Security
List all tabs button as disappered as well.
Mod edit: Added merged to the topic title, Captainsticks.

Since updating to, the Menu bar no longer has arrows (left and right) that would allow you to scroll side to side through the open tabs. Is this a missed setting that I need to reactivate? If not, please bring it back! Thanks

Hi Guys,
I have merged the topics as the issues are related.

Regarding the list all tabs drop down menu, this should appear once about 18-20 tabs are open.
Alternative is to install the following add-on.

Regarding the tab bar scroll arrows, they have been replaced with an active thin line in the location the arrows used to be.
If I can find a way to bring the arrows back, I will post the solution.

Kind regards.

Thanks for the help! :-TU

You are welcome. :slight_smile: