Lost internet connection after uninstall....


Installed Comodo Internet Security and the E-Mail scanner to replace McAfee. My system is a new Compaq Presario 64-bit running Windows 7 Home Premium. Everything seemed fine at first after the 1st day of installation. Then my system started to slow down dramatically. Decided to uninstall both CIS and the E-Mail scanner. Which seemed to uninstall fine. But it somehow changed my internet connection and I’m unable to get back on. Any ideas?

E. David Quammen

Seems you are having problems with the DNS. if yore using Comodo DNS go to internet conections and take it away. if not, then i don’t know

Sometimes it happens that you can’t connect to the internet after uninstalling, using the unofficial clean up tool or trying a manual deinstallation. Then the Inspect driver is still present and needs to be uninstalled.

How to uninstall the CIS firewall driver when it stays present? Look up the properties of the network connection, select the Comodo Firewall driver and uninstall it. See the attached image.