Lost File Sharing after Installing Comodo firewall

Hi everyone,

Im not very technical and need some assistance with comodo firewall.

Ive just installed the comodo firewall on one of my home network computers (4 workstations total on network, 2 always on & other two are laptops not always connected). So far so good.

I am trying to access shared files and folders on the machine that now has comodo installed, but I cant see any of the shared files & obviuosly cant access any of them from any of the other workstations…

Im running XP sp2 on all. Any suggestions anyone??

Thanks in advance


Glad to have been a great help to myself on this one (:LGH)

The 2 main machines on the network now appear to be the best of friends and are talking to each other once again (:TNG)

Ive added the following to “Network Control Rules”

Rule #0
Action = Allow
Protocol = IP
Direction = In
Source IP = single ip (xxx.xxx.x.xx)
Destination IP = any
IP details = Any

The issue appears resolved, but if this is incorrect & poses a security issue, please let me know.


You should do this by adding a trusted network from Security → Tasks. Comodo will automatically create appropriate rules for you.

Thanks Rasha…I will do this, as it will probably make things easier when I connect the other workstations onto the Network