Lost data after encrypting external storage

After downloading disk encryption, I encrypted my external hard drive (it took awhile). When this process was completed, it appears that instead of encrypting the drive, it erased all of my files. At this point, MS wants to format the external HD. I followed the process, but lost all my files -what happened with my files? Did I do something wrong? Can the data/files be retrieved or am I doing something wrong?


After the encryption process was completed you was able to access your data? I would like to let you know that the authentication it is made at boot time (password and/or USB key). If you are using an USB key as authentication factor please make sure that your computer is able to boot from USB storage devices. CDE’s bootloader requires encryption settings at boot time, so this is a must.

If your external disk was not accessible after restart and “There is a problem with the encryption subsystem” message is displayed in CDE’s status bar this means that the authentication was not performed. (wrong password or USB key not accessible).

Have the same problem, didn’t use usb stick, after reboot had to give the password, but the system didn’t reboot. after unplugging the external disk I could start up my computer but can’t get acces anymore to this external disk. All my information inaccesable! Disk encryption doesn’t even find this external drive.
Any help for this problem???



Please follow this link and fix your MBR, and try to boot again.

Use Add/Remove encrypted partition option in order to recover your partition. This operation requires encryption settings (passwd and/or USB key, hash algorithm, cipher algorithm).