Lost Configuration and Password

I have been using this program with great success on my laptop since it’s release. Yesterday I installed it on my desktop. I password protected the program so the Shield cannot be disabled by anybody else. I also disabled ALL the options in the settings menu. When I turned on the computer this morning, I have the Disk Shield wallpaper on my desktop, which should be disabled. I went into the program to check the settings again and I am locked out. Everytime I enter my password it says “invalid password”! To get it out of the way now, NO, I am not entering the password incorectly, my caps lock is NOT on, and I did NOT forget my password. It worked yesterday as I had to disable the Shield in order to install some Windows Updates.

Is there a way to clear the password?? Any suggestions???


easiest way I can think of is reinstalling it.


Already tried that. I am unable to uninstall it as it says the drive is shielded. I must un-shield the drive first, but that’s not an option since I can’t un-shield because I am locked out.

I see the password authentication is not being done on uninstall… So, Why don’t you try this to remove Disk Shield…


Thanks for the reply hiddenstar. Unfortunately I re-formatted my computer yesterday so I can’t try your suggestion. I didnt get an answer and felt I had no oher choice.