Lost bookmarks

Help!! I’ve just d/loaded CSC and managed to wipe out all my bookmarks (an extensive list collected over a number of years). Is there any way of getting them back?

Yes, the same thing just happened to me. Why are there no replies to this ? Is this acceptable for such a service ?
Where to find answers. It seemed like a violation, with no accountability apparently. Please help.

Hi johnjnesbit,
Please remember this is a General User Forum, if no one knows the answer they will not reply.

My suggestions are, depending on your settings and actions CSU does have a backup function.
Registry cleaner restore
Privacy cleaner restore
Disk cleaner restore

If the above fails some browsers have a bookmarks backup/restore file, Web search for restoring bookmarks for your browser to possibly help find a solution.

If the above fails, you could try a system restore to a point before your actions.

If all of the above fails, I am sorry I personally have no more suggestions to try.
Bookmarks are of high importance to some people and I personally periodically export them to a HTML file for backup purposes.
Kind regards.

This application ‘ran’ without prompt upon a reboot of my pc. After the reboot, everything in my bookmarks was lost. Nowhere to recover from. If this is not the place to ask, then where ? I am new here. It is very upsetting to try and look for a needle in a haystack under such conditions. The program itself appears to be ‘locked’ without any way to run it again, as the ‘buttons’ are no longer available.

Hi johnjnesbit,
This is the place to ask, I was just pointing out that the Forum mainly consists of General users like you and I.
I am sorry this is a frustrating issue and I will ask the other Mods to take a look in case they can offer some additional advice.

This is kind of a general tip that works with Windows 7. I think it would work with Vista too. If you right click on a folder and click “Properties”, there is a “Previous Versions” tab that allows you to restore data. You might try that with the folder that stores the bookmark data or the backup bookmark data.

Hi Cassette,
Thanks for the tip. :-TU
This can possibly work very well if all requirements are met including certain services.
Previous Versions Requirements