Lost access to my hard drives

Hi, my windows operating system recently had troubles loading up, and I had to do an automated system recovery with the windows XP CD.

After doing the recovery, and changing a setting in bios to make it “Quick Boot”, It went straight ahead and loaded windows, but it did not ask for the password like it usually does.
Now I have windows up and running, but I can not access my encrypted hard drives…

What can I do to get access to these hard drives again?

even i have a similar problem i had encrypted my drive and now i am unable to open the drive each time i try to open it asks for formatting the drive and iam unable to lacate the decryption file

If I where to ask, the next time your WINDOWS XP encountered trouble, run SYSTEM RESTORE via Windows if available but if you choose to use your installer, DO NOT use AUTOMATED SYSTEM RECOVERY instead, use REPAIR if your are using SERVICE PACK 2 and your XP installer has a repair option during the installation wizard.

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