Loss of mail service after change

One of my clients has got a real problem since change.

Mail forwarded to smart host is delayed and does not appear in outgoing log.

Also some email getting received but loads being held in delivery queue.

Domain: stneots-tc.gov.uk

Outbound log has lost messages from a week ago as well just comes back with a red banner with no message at top of results.

Well after raising a ticket with support who closed it saying give it 4 to 5 hours it has now been over 8 hours and all my inbound queues seem to be stuck and all logs are reporting that the service is 503 and other areas seem to be having issues.

The system is good and I like it but ever time work is done to the system we suffer problems seems like development don’t do any testing, but will wait to see what they have to say again this time.

After the last issue with OVH which was not the fault of Comodo but who handled the issues badly by not having a status update until we were all out of service. I looked at other systems and might be time to switch.

Hi Willard,

This is unexpected situation for the team that was not seen on pre-tests before the migration. It is due to an external 3rd party service that ASG uses. Necessary ticket about this external service was opened to our partner and we are waiting for response from them asap. We will have an eta or hopefully resolution. So that we can share with you much more clear information after that.

We are very sorry about this inconvenience. We will review this situation and try to prevent such these issues occur again in the future.


Hi all,

The issue is resolved now. Our external service turned into normal and everything looks ok now.

Best Regards