Losing a message from timing out

I spent almost 2 hours following the suggestion to research FAQ before posting; one plus hours researching and reading and 30 plus minutes asking my question and making a suggestion or two. Then as has happened before in similar forums the session times out, you are not warned and when you hit send you are informed that the session has timed out and the message is lost after resigning back in.

My last post took so much time because I made a few suggestions that I paused to consider before posting.

I will attempt to write it again off line this time so I can copy and paste it here.

In short here’s what happened yesterday: After updating I was informed that there was a new network trying to access my network. Since my network is password protected and no one has that password I chose to deny access. I denied myself access and spent over an hour trying to figure out how and or where I could undo that choice.

My solution was to exit Comodo and use MS firewall so I could do what I needed to do then to access this forum.
So far that one choice to deny has cost me 4 hours attempting to fix the problem…it is still not fixed.

Why not have a one shot “undo” button to reverse a choice with unwanted results?

Just a thought.


PS Can’t post because:
he following error or errors occurred while posting this message:
You must have at least two choices!

I have no idea what that means?