Loopback alert

Do I really need loopback alerts? Will everything, every program function properly if I uncheck ,Alert me at loopback requests" at firewall behaviour settings?

I cannot guarantee the program will function without a problem. Instead you can make the loopback zone a trusted zone using the Stealth Ports Wizard.

First make sure there is a zone for loopback in My Network Zones. By default it is there. Then go to Firewall → Common Tasks → Stealth Ports Wizard → Choose Define a New Trusted Network → Next → Choose "I would like to trust one of my Networks Zones → choose the loopback zone from the drop down menu → Finish.

Now you’re done.

Thank you for your answer. I tried what you suggested, but loopback alerts still come.

Open Global Rules and make sure you see two rules for the loopback zone.

When the pop ups still occur when the loopback zone is in Global Rules. Please tell me your Firewall Settings. Is it set to Safe Mode or Custom Policy Mode. Custom Policy Mode will always alert.

The two global rules for loopback zone are there.

I set the firewall to custom policy mode.

I forgot the question mark in the last sentence. With Custom Policy Mode you will be always asked. Sorry for the confusion.

I assume your previous setting was Safe Mode or lower. Is that a correct conclusion? Please set it to your previous mode for further inquiry.

What version of CIS are you using?

I wanted to know if I can omit the loopback alerts without any problems with the functioning of my applications. Now I see, custom policy mode works this way.

I have just changed to CIS 5 with clean install. I used custom policy mode before, too. I was just curious about those loopback alerts.